A new flat panel patient terminal runs an Intel Atom D510 processor and is de- signed with a 15.6” wide, projective capaci- tive touch (PCT) full-flat glass panel. It has a sleek iPad look and feel, with customiz- able colors and icons. The PIT-1503W from Advantech is durable and easily cleanable with anti- bacterial cleaners, suitable for use in hospital patient rooms. It is lightweight and slim, easy for patients to move and personnel to stow, and it can bring entertainment as well as information to the patient bedside, in- creasing efficiency, improving patient well- being, and even adding revenue streams to the hospital.

PIT-1503W features PCT touch tech- nology, a quick and highly accurate multi- touch system. Running Windows 7 or Li- nux, two-finger multi-touch can be used to rotate, flick images off-screen or zoom in and out. This allows for easy zooming and rotation of X-ray or patient images during a patient consultation. The full-flat panel is 7H-rated. It is highly resistant to scratches and can be kept clean with hospital-grade anti-bacterial cleaning solutions. Function keys are also accessible from under the glass panel and not subject to the wear and tear that can afflict membrane-covered keys. Light transmission of PIT-1503W’s PCT screen is excellent (90% compared to 80% from resistive touch technologies) and the increased multi-touch sensitivity makes it responsive as well as intuitive. Pricing starts at $1,092 per unit.

Advantech, Irvine, CA.

(949) 789-7178.