NEWS RELEASE – Jan. 3, 2012 – Cyth Systems announces the expansion of the Circaflex family of control system products with the introduction of a new modular control platform to further accelerate prototype development for medical OEM projects. The new Circaflex Modular 740 series now allows daughter-boards to be assembled from modules comprised of smaller sub-circuits. Using Circaflex modules allows an engineer to interchange, connect, and test the circuitry associated with a range of common components and sensors. Achieving FDA approval and compliance remains one of the struggles in the medical industry, which prolongs the development cycle for medical devices. Combined with training and integration services, Circaflex 740 series is designed to help medical and biotech companies develop products with minimal risk, lower cost, and shorter time to market.

At the heart of the 740 series is the same Circaflex core control system that has been used successfully in numerous medical electronic applications. That standard reference board was divided into sub-elements and each portion was individually developed into small modules. Each module, measuring just more than one square inch (35mm x 45mm), attaches to the motherboard, which brings them into contact with the control system circuits as though they were a single monolithic board. Together with other modules, a new board configuration emerges to deliver a customized combination of inputs and outputs to suit an application and its specific control components like sensors, pneumatics, motors, and other devices.

The Circaflex Modular 740 series already includes over 20 modules and as many as ten modules can be attached to one motherboard at a time, which is often enough for small to medium medical devices. Modules include generic inputs and outputs like stepper control and relays, as well as more vertical industry sensors such as peristaltic pumps and pH sensors. “We seldom encounter surgical or medical instruments that we can’t manage completely using existing modules,” explained Matt Slaughter, Embedded Product Manager for Cyth Systems. “We made our modules for reuse in any application so that the code and circuitry are a non-issue on a new project.” The head start provided by the off-the-shelf Circaflex 740 series has decreased prototyping time and provides more flexibility as product requirements change. Yet with the flexibility of the new design combined with the stability of the platform, the prototype will be completed much more rapidly with less cost or time devoted to modifications.

“What sets our product apart from competing options is the sheer speed and predictability of prototyping medical products using Circaflex,” said Andy Long, Chief Executive Officer of Cyth Systems. “The history we have in the life science field has generated a good platform for controlling nearly anything device designers need.” Cyth partners circuitry modules with components, writes code for the pair, documents the newly integrated product and establishes a part number. The library of modules and code is constantly growing, and with the innovation of the Circaflex Modular platform users gain the flexibility and reliability needed to make successful and rapid prototypes.

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