The latest Cambashi observatory shows which technical applications providers serve key industries

Cambridge, UK, Aug 15, 2013-
Cambashi today announced the latest addition to their market data resource as the Cambashi Provider by Industry Observatory. This offers a view of the industries where the key technical applications software providers are most active, enabling new and existing market participants to assess the competitive landscape across the industries of AEC, Automotive, Consumer Goods, High Tech, Machinery, Process/Pharma, Public Sector, Services, Telecoms/Utilities, Transportation, Aerospace and Defence. The information is presented globally and for the three major regions – the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe/Middle East/Africa. Through understanding the competitive landscape within targeted industries, a new dimension is added to effective marketing.

Latest quarter’s data shows growth in emerging markets

The Cambashi Provider by Industry Observatory forms the latest component of the Cambashi Market Observatories, the Q2 2013 editions of which are available now. The observatories present the company’s research into the global markets for design, engineering, product lifecycle management (PLM) and systems engineering applications. Using them, Cambashi is able to maintain comprehensive, multi-perspective datasets containing detailed information on software investment by country, industry and provider, and on the size of user communities.

The latest market data for emerging markets derived from the Cambashi Country Observatory (Q2 2013) shows that, in 2012, technical application spending in emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, plus Columbia, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam) grew 12% to 1.7 Billion USD.

Regional medium term outlook

The forecast predicts continued growth on technical application investment in the manufacturing industry sector among the larger economies in the emerging markets. Cambashi predicts Vietnam to have higher growth in 2013 and 2014 than India, second only to China.

Tony Christian, Marketing Director at Cambashi, comments:

“The continued growth in spending on technical applications in emerging markets, despite the economic slowdown even in the former main players China and India, is driven by two trends. The first is the continuing modernisation of the manufacturing and construction industries in those countries. The second is the expansion of their industrial capabilities from the former low-wage, ‘low tech’ manufacturing activities typically outsourced by Western firms. The emerging countries have built on this base to cover the entire value chain, including leading edge design and product development.”

China still leads the growth

China accounts for the largest share, at 42%, of the market for technical application expenditure in emerging countries. According to Cambashi market research, while China continues with strong technical applications growth, thanks to its manufacturing industry driving investment, Russia will not match the performance of 2012 and is likely to slow down in 2013 due to falling global demand for its main exports of oil and gas.

However, a second generation of nations that account for 11% of technical application expenditure in emerging countries (Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Turkey) is also making good progress, and growing faster than North America (US, Canada, and Mexico).

About Cambashi

Cambashi is a market research, industry analysis and consulting firm.  Our independent research and analysis delivers compelling insights on the use of IT to address business issues in manufacturing, process, distribution, energy, utilities and construction industries.  We apply our extensive industry knowledge to each client’s unique situation.  Our consulting analysts partner with clients worldwide to clarify marketing planning and strategic marketing decisions, craft effective marketing communications tools and train customer facing staff in the nuances of the industries they serve.


Figure 1. Spending on technical applications in emerging nations ahead of traditional regions. (Emerging nations are Brazil, India, China, Russia plus Colombia, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam.)

Figure 1. Spending on technical applications in emerging nations ahead of traditional regions. (Emerging nations are Brazil, India, China, Russia plus Colombia, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam.)

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