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Diagnostics Division Tarrytown, NY, February 19, 2013

PCL Alverno Designated Siemens Microbiology Innovations Center

PCL Alverno has signed a multi-year expanded agreement with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and finished implementing several new microbiology systems, becom- ing the first medical diagnostics laboratory in the U.S. to showcase Siemens’ full range of advanced microbiology testing solutions. Now designated a Siemens Microbiology Innovations Center, Alverno will serve as a future reference site for other laboratories interested in exploring Siemens’ complete microbiology portfolio offerings. Today, the two organizations celebrated the milestone at Alverno’s Hammond, Indiana headquarters.

“Designation of Alverno as a Siemens Microbiology Innovation Center means an enhanced contribution to the doctor-patient relationship,” said Dale Kahn, Director of Laboratory Operations, PCL Alverno. “Delivery of microbiology testing results in the most efficient, accurate way is a top priority.

“Siemens is excited to partner with Alverno to showcase the tremendous advances in microbiology automation, both now and in the future,” said Jim McMenamin, VP, Microbiology and Molecular business unit, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “Ex- panding the reach of our portfolio is an important component of Siemens’ Agenda 2013 initiative.”

Alverno is a full-service, community-based medical laboratory offering over 750 dif- ferent tests in both clinical and anatomic pathology. Its new Siemens agreement includes the integration of several new solutions to Alverno’s existing state-of-the-art laboratory services, including the Copan WASP®: Walk-Away Specimen Processor (WASP)1 – available to medical laboratories through a Siemens-Copan partnership3.

Designed to help laboratories streamline preanalytical microbiology testing opera- tions and free up staff resources, the WASP System fully automates the often tedi- ous tasks of bacteriology specimen processing. Alverno has also implemented the Bruker MALDI Biotyper2 System – available to customers via a Siemens-Bruker partnership3 – for faster, more accurate and cost-effective microorganism identifica- tion compared to current methods. Later this year, Alverno will be the first laboratory in the U.S. to implement WASPLabTM1 System, the next level of Copan automation. WASPLab System is a barcode-driven and conveyor-connected specimen process- ing system that employs robotic plate management and image analysis.

Alverno has been a long time Siemens customer, currently using ten MicroScan® WalkAway® Systems – Siemens’ signature microbiology testing solution featuring intelligent automation to help increase efficiency and reduce maintenance. To fur- ther streamline operations and expedite test results, Alverno has integrated Sie- mens’ LabPro Connect software into their operation. This networking solution en- ables technologists to manage nearly all aspects of specimen processing and re- porting without leaving their bench, and supports supervisory activities with no inter- ruption of daily workflow.

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