GE Healthcare has announced FDA clearance of Optima CT660—a powerful and compact Computed Tomography (CT) system offering improvements from its predecessors in diagnostic capabilities at low dose levels, and designed for sustainability and ease-of-use. Powered by GE’s advanced CT technologies and applications, this intelligent platform is scalable from 32 to 128 slices through purchasable options and enables fast, high-performance imaging for patients in a variety of clinical settings, including cardiac, neurological, emergency room and routine CT.

Based on customer demand and designed with GE’s HD technologies, the Optima CT660 helps healthcare professionals deliver confident, personalized patient care— combining GE’s proven dose-optimizing Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR+) technology, improved workflow features, and advanced applications for cardiovascular, oncology, neurology, CT angiography and other fields.

Traditionally, lowering CT dose increases noise creating an undesirable trade-off between clear images, required in today’s clinical environment, and reduced x-ray dose. To overcome this conventional CT challenge and achieve As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) dose levels, Optima CT660 utilizes GE’s industry breakthrough reconstruction technology called ASiR+. ASiR+’s design may allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of diagnostic images, thereby reducing the required x-ray dose.


GE Healthcare