GE Healthcare has demonstrated new capabilities for its Centricity Radiology Mobile Access platform, enabling radiologists to use their iPad and iPhone devices to remotely diagnose select patient images from Centricity PACS. Centricity Radiology Mobile Access 2.0 is a mobile product with clearance for primary diagnosis that accesses images and reports from Centricity PACS. This new mode of access removes a sizable productivity barrier for an increasingly mobile field.

“This application and its diagnostic clearance provide further validation of our continued investment in our Centricity PACS platform,” said Don Woodlock, vice pres- ident and general manager of GE Healthcare IT. “As a native application for the Apple iOS and Android operating systems, Centricity Radiology Mobile Access requires very little training and, we believe, provides a more productive user experience versus an emulated Windows application that was designed to be driven by a mouse. Today, Cen- tricity PACS stores one in five exams in the U.S. These advanced wireless capabilities will only expand its utility.”

The diagnostic clearance for Centricity Radiology Mobile Access 2.0 is limited to computed tomography and magnetic resonance exams on an iPad or iPhone when not in proximity to a PACS workstation.